Tattoo Mirror by Karim Rashid - Robba Edition

$402.58 USD


Tattoo mirror is an impressive part of the KARIMIRROR Collection designed by Karim Rashid for Robba Edition.


Tattoo Mirror is absolutely the funkiest part of Rashid’s designs. Motifs with references to graphic design and Pop Art overrun the mirror surface and cheer everyone up. These shapes and extend to the edges of mirror, therefore is two or more pieces are joined together, the pattern can be completed again and again.


Tattoo mirror is made in France from high quality acrylic mirror glass. The stunning mirrors of Robba Edition are made using digital laser cutting which enables to cut with great precision, making it possible to create such complex and impressive shapes.


Using the possibilities of acrylic and digital cutting the Anglo-Egyptian designer gave birth to 4 exquisite mirrors and the KARIMIRROR collection which includes four models, the Mirage, the Karma, the Supernova and the Tattoo.


Installing the mirror is simplified by using the supplied double sided Velcro tapes. An installation plan is also included.


  • Material: acrylic mirror glass.
  • Height: 94 cm, width: 98 cm.
  • Easy to hang and clean (cleaning cloth included).
  • Double-side Velcro buddies, installation plan included.
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