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This amazing chair made of 100% recycled cardboard and made in 100% Japan was launched at the Milano Salone in 2014. Since then, Bimbi cardboard chair has been getting popular among design conscious / life style conscious people.
Designed by Tomoko Kita, who was used to train at the studio of Toshiyuki Kita, the world famous product designer. 

“Bimbi” means “child” and “infant” in Italian, and is a super cute chair made from 100% recycled eco-friendly cardboard called “milca” (a coined word meaning “milk package cardboard”).

All the production process from design to manufacturing is done in Japan.

You make Bimbi with your kids! No needs for knives, scissors and glues. Every piece is already cut and folded. Just open the box, spread the pieces on a floor, and start assembling. You are sure to have a fantastic time with your kids making the chair together!
The concept is “Bimbi is your little friend”.

There are two versions:

  • “Plain” ... white cardboard only,on which kids can draw pictures freely! 
  • “Sky" ... 3 colors are available,-Purple Sky, Blue Sky, & Pink Sky,

This chair has a natural curve to fit your children's bodies with a smooth surface. Do you know that it is tremendously difficult to make such a natural and comfortable curve to fit to human body by cardboard? Bimbi can do it because of Japan’s great technology and creativity. 

Please Note: This chair is not allowed to use the human weight 40kgs / 88 lbs or more.

About Bimbi’s designer Tomoko Kita: In 2014, she was selected for “Temporary Museum for New Design 2014” and exhibited Bimbi at Milan Design Week. She has also been selected for various awards internationally, and is recognized as a product designer for the next generation.

What is Milca? Japanese share a deep and close relationship with paper from ancient times. This is represented by “Washi”, very traditional paper, declared the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO., The Japanese live with paper in many aspect of daily life. Paper has unique texture and feeling.

“Milca” board was developed in Japan, by fusion of superior characteristics of paper and advanced Japanese technology. It is made from paper package for milk and beverage and 100% recycled material. This board has the following characteristics: (1) entirely white including flute, (2) superior structural stiffness and (3) hard.
Milca board is made 100% from recycled from beverage package cardboard, and no cutting of trees which contributes to forest preservation. It is certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

About FSC  FSC is a global, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide. Milca board is 100% recycled, eco-friendly, and not made not by cutting trees. This contributes to forest preservation. That is why it is certified by FSC label after undergoing their controlled and strict reviews.

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