Speed Cooler Body Typhoon

$268 USD

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Ideal for long hours spent outside or in hot environments, the Speed Cooler Body Typhoon is a fully wearable cooling gadget. Slip on the clip-up braces-style belt and let the cooling fan take care of the rest. Like all the best kinds of tech, this is simple to use and effective. The battery-powered fan drives cooling air around the inside of your clothes, while the belt set holds everything in place so you can go about your regular work activities. 

The Speed Cooler Body Typhoon features:

  • Wearable belt and cooling device set
  • Includes charger, USB charging cable, battery case, battery pouch
  • Includes only one fan unit
  • Power: rechargeable 7,800mAh battery
  • Battery lasts around 7 hours on full charge (charge takes 7 hours)
  • Made in Japan
  • Instructions: Japanese
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