Sukkiri Pillow Neck and Shoulder Massager

$121 USD


Just lie dow on this Sukkiri Pillow Neck and Shoulder Massager and feel the improvements it makes to your spine and posture. If you suffer from stiff backs or shoulders then try five minutes a day lying down on this and let its fourteen pressure points ease out your aches. Available in orange or black this is a super convenient and easy-to-use solution to physical pain or discomfort. If you're a busy person you don't have time to go to physio or a masseur every time you feel a crick in your neck. But just take this out of your cupboard put it on the floor and lie down on it to get a similar workout. Turn over to the side and shift positions to get an all-round rubdown session. You can also put it between your back and a chair or wall when sitting upright.

The Sukkiri Pillow Neck and Shoulder Massager features:

  • Recommended for at least 5 minutes per day
  • Color: orange or black
  • Size: 17 x 39.5 x 10cm (6.7 x 15.6 x 3.9")
  • Materials: polyurethane


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