Sara-ri Nudy Armpit Sticker

$59 USD


This ultra-thin and transparent Sara-ri Nudy Armpit Sticker will fix firmly onto your armpit and prove a guard against sticky sweat. If you perspire a lot in your sports or work clothes and want to avoid embarrassing wet armpits showing through this simple but effective beauty tool will be your new best friend.

Functioning somewhat like an underarm liner or sweat guard the best thing here is that you can stick (and later peel off) the Sara-ri Nudy directly to your skin making it more comfortable and convenient to aware - and effective against sweat stains. Take a look at the picture below and compare what it's like with and without the Sara-ri Nudy!


The Sara-ri Nudy Armpit Sticker features:

  • Stick-and-peel type
  • Roll of disposable semi-transparent film stickers (cut to preferred size)
  • Roll: 6 meters (19.7 ft)
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to understand)


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