Flat Case Onigiri Animals

$58 USD


This must be one of the cutest ways to wrap up your food! Although designed originally for rice balls (onigiri) we are sure that the Flat Case Onigiri Animals can be put to use with all kinds of other snacks turning ordinary meals into visual treats.

There are four creatures in this set - dog pig frog or bear - and they are all made of paper. There's enough size inside to fit two rice balls or say a generous porportion of candy. If you run a cafe or are having a picnic this is a great way to transform the way you present what you've prepared. Just fold up the flat animal into its box shape pop in the food and then close it up. Don't forget the cute collar that slips over the top!

The Flat Case Onigiri Animals features:

  • Set of all four animals boxes (dog pig frog bear)
  • Not designed to store hot or chilled food
  • Made in Japan



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