Japanese toy makers excel at paper craft models. After all this is the country that gave the world origami! And here's another great example. The Pipeanimals are a series of fun creatures perfect for creative folk young or old. There are ten different animals in the line-up!

The Pipeanimals have a really distinctive look formed from "pipes" of stiffened paper. What do you want in your zoo?! How about some larger animals like the giraffe or elephant? Or a bear or dolphin?

Or something smaller and cuter? Like these two penguins? And check out the little pair of crabs! The animals come with bases and with pieces of scenery to help bring the natural world to life.

Perhaps a bold parrot or lazy sea otter? And for the more danger-loving animal fan we recommend the alligator or lion! All the animals are super colorful and will look delightful on your shelf once complete.

The Pipeanimals features:

  • Versions: elephant penguin alligator lion parrot dolphin bear sea otter crab giraffe
  • Size: varies
  • Number of parts: 30-50 parts (varies per model)
  • Images show COMPLETED versions
  • Instructions: Japanese
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