Buddha Hair Salon Flower Pot Small

$87 USD


After our wildly successful red and white large Buddha head "hair salon" planter now comes the Buddha Hair Salon Flower Pot Small which as the name suggests is a smaller size of a Buddha head plant pot. Could there be a more incongruous sight than this green-haired Buddha head? As before grass seeds are included to get you started plus there are three unique versions to choose from each bringing his own atmosphere to your home horticulture. Do you want a laughing and smiling Buddha an angry Buddha or a meditating Buddha? Even better there are three new colors: gold silver or bronze. Just don't forget to give your Buddha a hair cut every now and then!

The Buddha Hair Salon Flower Pot Small features:

  • Colors: gold silver bronze
  • Versions: Laughing Meditating Angry
  • Seeds included
  • Materials: ceramic
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