Twinkle Tent

$153 USD


The Twinkle Tent is a simple idea but a brilliant one. The paper play tipi is environmentally friendly, cozy, and practical. It can be folded flat and stored easily, and kids will also enjoy assembling it. The starry holes in the tent are designed to create a mini planetarium experience for the occupant. The reinforced cardboard materials make it strong but also nice for the planet. Best of all, the shapes of the tent (how many surfaces) can be customized to preference, while you can add decoration to the tent to truly make it your own.

The Twinkle Tent features:

・Each plane is sized 125 x 80cm (49.2 x 31.5")
・Window plane x 1, entrance plane x 1, star planes x 4
・Self-assembly (no tools required)
・Instructions: Japanese
・Twinkle Tent

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