Millennium Falcon Silicone Mold

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You may wonder why you need this ice cube tray. Here are a few facts*:


Makes ice faster than an Imperial starship
Kessel Run? Yeah, it can do that in less than twelve parsecs
Won't get you into any Imperial entanglements
Can make it point five past lightspeed
Definitely not a piece of junk; has it where it counts


The Millennium Falcon Ice Tray creates ice or candies in the shape of the famed ship of Han Solo. Safe for melted chocolate, the fridge, or the freezer, this food-safe silicone tray can do it all. Each tray makes two big Millennium Falcons, suitable for things like margarita glasses. Or eating, if it's chocolate. Nobody will call you a scruffy nerfherder with ice this awesome.


Ice tray creates ice in the shape of the Millennium Falcon
Makes 2 big Millenium Falcons
Can be used to make chocolates and candies too
Material: Food-safe silicone, dishwasher safe (top rack)
Dimensions: 6.25" x 4.25" x 1"


1 x The Millennium Falcon Ice Mold

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