Torupita Sticky Light Guide Ear Scope Cleaners 20 Pcs Set

$18 USD


The easy replacement ear piece for your Coden ear scopes! This Torupita Sticky Light Guide TP-20 is suitable for all Coden ear scope models and endoscopes HS351L/353L. The ear spoons are scoops that get rid of ALL of the dirt and wax from your ears.


The light-up accessories can also be used in other practical household or industrial situations, such as to help pick up small items like screws when they fall down into hard-to-reach places. This set includes twenty handy replacement ear scoop pieces.


The Torupita Sticky Light Guide TP-20 features:


- Sticky light guides, 20 pieces (TP-20)
- Prepared with special adhesive
- Double as an ear spoon cleaner AND an endoscope light guide
- Illuminate dark areas for viewing
- Clean ears or other areas completely
- Pick up small items, such as screws, from hard-to-reach places
- Compatible with ALL Coden ear scope models, plus the HS351/353 scopes
- Instructions: Japanese
- Endoscope or ear scope not included

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