Smokable Organic Herbal Tea Blend Relaxation, Pain and Stress Management I RLAX TIN (28G)

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Sometimes your mind has shut down from a hectic day but your body still needs a “slow me down”. Enjoy intentional herbal smoking blends comprised of hand-picked, wild crafted and USDA Certified Organic herbs | Free Shipping at | code: FANCY



Relax by either:

    • 16-32 Herbal Rolls/Vapors/Smudges or
    • 4-8 Therapeutic Teas or
    • 1-2 Restorative Face/Foot Baths




Hops-Humulus Lupulus-* Relieves aches and pains as well as kills bacteria in your system.

Catnip-Nepeta Cataria- A natural sleep aid without any harmful chemicals or drugs.

Passion Flower-Passiflora- Wonderfullycalming and sedative action, and it also acts as a muscle relaxant.

Chamomile-Chamaemelum Nobile- It soothes muscles by increasing amino acids as well as calms muscle spasms caused by menstrual cramps.

Mullein-Verbascum Thapsus- Soothing herb to help bring about respiratory calm. The Natives are said to have once used Mullein toparalyze fish, making them easier to catch.


*Not for use by pregnant or lactating women.


Contains no hazardous chemicals or pharmaceutical additives. Please consult your physician and do your own personal research if you have a medical concern. Intended for recreational use by responsible individuals.

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