Anipov Anime Bicycle Lights

$353 USD


The Anipov Anime Bicycle Lights are synchronized LED lights that create incredible animations on your spinning bicycle wheel. A total of 64 full-color lights, 32 for each wheel, will dazzle all onlookers with their vivid kaleidoscopes of shapes, characters and words.


You can also customize and create your own animations on a computer to use with your bike. Fancy a cute anima character? The Mona Lisa? Anything is possible. The lights are also rain-proof and will prove particularly magical when cycling the streets in the night, making this also a good way to stay safe on the road too.


The Anipov Anime Bicycle Lights features:


・Base package: two RGA color filter LED units (64 lights), magnet, animation software
・Rain-proof (do not submerge)
・Power: AA batteries x 3
・Fits 26-inch bicycle wheels
・OS: Windows only

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