Nano Falcon Digicam Helicopter Drone

$137 USD


CCP has transformed an RC helicopter into a drone with the Nano Falcon DigiCam. You can slot the helicopter directly into the controller to convert the unit into a digital camera. The helicopter also flies separately as a camera-equipped mini drone.


This is an ideal spying gadget, as well as a superb tool for budding film-makers who want to create really unusual shots and images. Versatile and fast, this surely heralds a new age in RC helicopter design.


The Nano Falcon DigiCam features:


・Modes: camera helicopter, digital camera
・Memory: microSD (not included)
・File: JPEG, AVI
・Size: 300,000 px, 640 x 480 / 30,000 px, 640 x 480, 30fps
・Up to 15,000 images or around 40 minutes of video
・No audio
・Continuous flying time: around 4 minutes
・Actions: up, down, turn left/right, circle left/right, forward, backward, hover
・Range: around 15m (49.2 ft)
・Charging time: around 35 minutes
・Length: around 130mm (5.1")
・Power: rechargeable lithium polymer battery, AAA x 4 (controller) (not included)
・Includes helicopter, controller, spare tail propellors x 2, remover x 1
・Instructions: Japanese

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