Animal Rubber Band Wide Set

$30 USD


How many animals can you spot? In the fun Animal Rubber Bands you get both wild and domesticated animals to liven up your home or work station. Look out for an orange kangaroo, a green rhino, a blue elephant or a red cat! There twelve rubber bands in this set, six in each pack of either zoo animals or pets. The bands brilliantly resemble their zoological models and also come in a series of bright pop colors. Fully practical, they are a 7mm thick silicone rubber band, meaning they are durable and can be used to tie up a notebook, lunchbox, bag of snacks and more... or you can just keep them around to decorate your desk! 

The Animal Rubber Band Wide Set features: 

・Set of two rubber band packs (six bands each, total of twelve)
・Zoo and Pet themes
・7mm thick type
・Designed by Passkey Design
・Made in Japan

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