Fireglobe Fireplace by Eva Solo

$449 USD


A modern fireplace: The FireGlobe combines the archaic power of blazing flames with modern and clear design.

Fire hasn’t lost any of its original power even in today’s times of heaters, heating blankets and other modern elements. Flames are a synonym of comfort and they make us feel at home. The Eva Solo FireGlobe is a suitable frame for fire on the terrace and in the garden.

Modern Design Fireplace


The Eva Solo FireGlobe is also a decorative element for outside thanks to its sculptural shape. The round form frames the fire aesthetically and it also protects the flames from wind. This way, the modern design fireplace becomes a warming friend for long evenings.

Eva Solo produces the FireGlobe out of enamelled steel and aluminium. The Danish manufacturer equipped the large fireplace with a handle, which makes it easier to move. A grid on the bottom ensures good ventilation.

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