Casa Aroma Relief Ultrasonic Diffuser

$128 USD


The Casa Aroma Genie ultrasonic aroma diffuser by Toast Living is an aroma genie that ionizes essential oil molecules into the air.

Casa Aroma Genie ultrasonic essential oil diffuser disperses the essential oils into the atmosphere and is ideal for those who need it for therapeutic reasons. It is also ideal for those who just want their home to become cozier and return to a favorite fragrance.

The Casa Aroma Genie diffuser does not use a heat method, but works with ultrasonic vibrations, the highest frequency in the market (2.5 million ultrasonic vibrations per second). This method has therapeutic value as the essential oils keep their essences as they get released with steam into the room.

It has two modes of operation.

  • The first stage is the continuous mode (green light) with continuous functions that automatically turns off after 3 hours maximum.
  • The second stage is the 30 seconds interval mode (orange light) that automatically stops every 30 second and turns off completely after 7 hours maximum.

The Casa Aroma Genie Ultrasonic Essential Oil diffuser is also a supreme quality humidifier.

The golden stripe around the base is a lighting feature that operates with its own switch button.

Casa Aroma Genie Relief is made out of porcelain while on its surface there is a beautiful low-relief illustration of animals and flowers.

The Casa Aroma Genie Ultrasonic Essential Oil Relief Diffuser has been awarded with the 2010 Good Design Award and the 2013 IF Award.

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