Penguin XL Papertrophy

$90 USD

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You don't like dealing with little bits and pieces? How about a huge*XL penguin* as a new companion? Over 80cm, it's your new best friend and the eye-catcher in every home and office.

You find real animals are too much work or too dirty?
Unlike other animals, the penguin is a low-maintenance roommate. The paper - decorative items are made of high quality, environmentally friendly and weigh at least 230g.

Always funny, perhaps a little clumsy, but who couldn't smile at the sight of it? Unlike boring standard decorative items, each penguin is unique in that it is made by you!

*You receive pre-cut and pre-folded paper sections that you just have to stick together.*

*Putting together the penguin cut-out sheets is easy as pie and does not require any permanent instructions. You simply have to glue the numbered parts to the marked parts.
(Of course, black parts are also clearly marked and easy to read)*

The penguin cut-out sheets have fine folded edges (no perforation!) and are made completely of coloured paper, which gives them a high-quality appearance.

As with all my paper animals, the penguin is also made in Berlin!

Free with every order: Each order will receive one of three mini paper trophies for free! This means you can take your time practising your glue art before making your penguin!

height: 81cm /32.5’’
width: 65cm /25.6’’
depth: 30cm /11.8’’
weight: approx. 80g

The Papertrophy paper glue is not part of this paper animal and must be ordered in addition to the paper animal.

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