Japanese Dog Kimono

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When you dress up match your pooch with your outfit! That's the idea behind such pet items like this Japanese Dog Kimono. When you want to wear a kimono (or anything special) make sure your dog also looks the part with this set.

There are two colors (white or black) though both have floral designs and a cute pink bow. The three sizes also mean that the kimono can fit a range of small dogs.

The Japanese Dog Kimono features:

・Suitable for dogs
・Color: white or black
・Size: small medium large
・Small: around 32cm (12.6") (chest) 25cm (9.8") (length) 21cm ("8) (neck)
・Medium: around 38cm (15") (chest) 29.5cm (11") (length) 25cm (9.9") (neck)
・Large: around 44cm (17") (chest) 33cm (13") (length) 28cm (11") (neck)

Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.

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