Cacoon Single in Natural White

$350 USD


Tree houses are of all times and of all ages. Everyone has had some form of tree house made, or at least tried to make one. The Cacoon is actually a hanging tree house in substance to both children and adults. It is designed to carry. Weighing up to 200 kg The Cacoon can be hung by a single point, which offers a wide range of possibilities everywhere. It does not need to hang in a tree...


Actually the Cacoon is more than just a tree house replacement, as it contains elements of a rocking chair, hammock and hanging seat. The Cacoon design was influenced by the hanging nest of the Weaver bird, that provides the bird with a safe loophole, in case predators are approaching.

Features of the Cacoon hammock

    • suitable for both indoor and outdoor
    • the fabric used is strong, weather resistant, machine washable and makes the Cacoon small and light enough to carry
    • single Cacoon weighs approximately 5 kg and is 1.5 meters in diameter
    • double Cacoon weighs about 6 kg and is 1.8 meters in diameter
    • Both can carry up to 200kg


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