Kyoto Mini Smartplayhouse

$3,200 USD


Kyoto Mini is the perfect playhouse for smaller spaces. The Kyoto outdoor playhouse is inspired by the Japanese avant-garde architecture. What characterizes this outdoor playhouse is the large number of windows with different geometrical shapes which give it an original and futuristic look. The sun filters in through the windows creating a very cozy and special indoor atmosphere, with light and shadows. The ideal place for children to develop their imagination.



    • Material: Birch plywood with phenolic glue


    • Highly resistant since it made of a dense wood and glued with phenolic resins ideal for wet environments


    • Walls are painted with water-borne painting, which makes it flexible


    • Beveled corners for maximum security


    • Roof has thermal insulation and precast waterproof EPDM rubber material with a water drain pipe incorporated from warehouse, to guarantee total water tight closure


    • All made with methacrylate for safety


    • Door open outward for security reasons


    • Lighting: Playhouses can be equipped with various interior lighting systems with low voltage lighting and high intensity LED bulbs


    • Switch is next to the door, and the electrical box under flooring, can be registered from the inside


    • Soft natural carpet flooring: A very high-end carpet from the Interface floor, and designed for public concurrence


    • Provided with 50x50cm tufted plain level loop tiles, are very easy to install and clean


    • Lock set: For safety, the door can only be closed from the outside


    • Guides for curtain: Supply rails as including parts for corners and curved sliding parts to support the curtain, which is not included


    • Recommended age: 3-8 years


    • Color floor: Grey with some white and black


    • Top layer of the floor is finished with a non-slip material, similar to those used on slides and other children's playground equipment


    • Artificial grass over roof: To improve the finish of the exterior roof, it's possible to cover the roof with artificial grass, or white marble gravel


    • Has one door design handles and finger protection in the hinge area, one operable window and 5 stationary windows


    • Three 4W lights are built into the back area of the house and light strips of 30led/metre are aligned with the carpentry



The assembly of the SmartPlayhouse houses is very simple since they come with the glass, windows and doors pre-installed from the warehouse. The playhouse will be ready for playing in no time!




Normally delivered in 2-3 weeks within Europe, but to be sure, contact us on: or +32 16 980314.


Delivery within the European Union is included in the price. 


For delivery outside the EU, please contact us for a quote. The delivery will be invoiced separately.

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