ODii Pick Up Tool

$25 USD


3 Tools in 1

1.  Extendable, Telescopic, Flexible Claw (Up to 19 inches)

2.  Detachable, Extendable, Flexible Magnet (Up to 23 inches)

3. Detachable LED Light

For use at home, in your car and at work!

ODii- The Ultimate Pick-up Tool is the must-have pick-up tool for any vehicle and every household. Rescue those hard to reach items in your car, at home, or even at work! Introducing ODii, the ultimate pick-up tool that goes where no pick up tool has gone before. It was designed from the ground up to retrieve items from hard to reach places and it does so incredibly well thanks to it's 3-in-1 design that features a... FLEXIBLE, TELESCOPIC CLAW FLEXIBLE, TELESCOPIC DETACHABLE MAGNET DETACHABLE LED LIGHT Extend and lock the flexible, telescopic claw into position and you'll have 19 inches of reach - more than enough to get in between your car seat and the center console to retrieve any items you may lose down that dark, mini abyss. The sturdy, 4-pronged claw at the end of the flexible head allows you to maneuver it into the tightest spots and the easy grip trigger allows you to open and close the claw to retrieve even the smallest items with ease. ODii also includes a telescopic magnet that can be used in conjunction with the claw or detached and used separately. The super strong Neodymium Magnet extends up to 23 inches and the flexible head ensures you can get into every nook and cranny to retrieve magnetic items such as jewelry, coins, lighters and even heavy items such as screwdrivers and wrenches. Finally, ODii comes complete with a powerful LED light that helps illuminate those dark crevices so you can see exactly what you're reaching for. It's also detachable which means you can use one hand to operate ODii and the other to aim the LED light exactly where you need it. You'll find lots of places to use your ODii: In your car to rescue items like your phone, fries, credit card, makeup or keys. In your home to rescue items like small toys, jewelry, socks and money. At work to rescue items likes screws, wrenches and nails. Grab your ODii today!

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