Satechi iOS Bluetooth 4.0 IQ Plug

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The app-enabled Bluetooth 4.0 IQ Plug lets you control electronics from your phone, without having to get up.

Simply plug the IQ Plug into an AC power socket, plug in your appliance, then use the free IQ Plug app to control the power to your appliance.

The app allows you to monitor power consumption and usage cost of your electronics so you can take steps to reduce your energy costs!

Great for TVs, stereos, fans, lights, air conditioning units, heaters, humidifiers, holiday decorations, and more!

Easy to Install and Use. The IQ Plug fits into any standard AC socket (100-120V) – simply plug in the IQ Plug into an outlet, plug your appliance into the IQ Plug, and download the free IQ Plug app to begin controlling your electronics. Control up to 10 IQ Plugs from your phone or tablet from up to 49 feet away.

View Power Consumption and Usage.Take control of your home energy bills by using the IQ Plug app to measure power consumption of individual appliances and compare daily, weekly, or monthly energy consumption. After checking your power usage, you can schedule appliances to on and off at certain times to reduce energy waste.

Schedule Appliances for your Daily Life.Set a timer to countdown when appliances shut off, or set a custom schedule for electrics to turn on or off at certain times of the day. Turn on the coffee maker or toaster before getting out of bed, schedule a lamp to turn on to help you wake up, turn off downstairs lights when you’re already in bed, set holiday lights or lights in the kids’ room to turn on and off at specific times, and more.

Compatibility; iPhone 6/6s Plus, 6/6s, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S; iPad 4, 3, Mini, Air

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