Schatzii Smart Cloth 2Pk SwagRag + Madrid

$20 USD


Schatzii Smart Cloths are the Ultimate Screen Cleaner - NO SPRAYS NEEDED! Schatzii Gives You Clarity. Stylish, Effective & Convenient. Expertly created with Intelligent function and smart design for your Smartphones, Tablet, Laptop or Eyewear. Schatzii is treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield, and provide Antimicrobial (resists mold & mildew), Anti-Static & Anti-Dust protection, and are Machine Washable & Durable for Long Life - the best part is, NO Sprays Needed! Toss the spray bottle - Schatzii makes your screens sparkling clean and smudge-free without it! Naturally Hydrophilic, Schatzii absorbs oils & liquids left behind by your fingerprints rather than spread them around. Dual-sided with a plush microfiber side for buffing and a silky smooth side for polishing your favorite gear. !00% Microfiber for scratch-free cleaning. Schatzii makes you look good too with many uber cool designs and patterns to fit every taste and style. Did you know 1 in 6 cell phones is contaminated with e.coli bacteria? Schatzii Gives You Clarity. REVOLT Against Inferior Cleaning. Live Smudge Free.N

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