Smokable Organic Herbal Tea Blend for Motivation and Concentration to Work I FOCUS Tin (28G)

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Sometimes there is too much to do and you don't know where to start. F O C U S with this intentional herbal smoking blend comprised of hand-picked, wild crafted and USDA Certified Organic herbs | Free Shipping at | code: FANCY


Our multi-use 28G Herbal Blend Tins are just enough for you to enjoy with friends.

• SIP TEA  48 Therapeutic Teas, Use 1 Tsp/Cup, Add honey/maple syrup to taste and chill.

• SIP HERBAL LEMONADE, 1 Gallon, Use Full Tin/Gallon of water, Add lemon, honey and cool.

• SOAKING in 4 Restorative Baths, Use 1/4 Cup/Bath, Add Espson salt, oils and relax. 

• SMOKING CESSATION AID 96 Herbal Rolls, Use 1/2 Tsp/per



Yerba Mate-Ilex Paraguariensis- Native to ancient subtropical South America, taken as a daily stimulant aiding against fatigue, nervous depression and pain, containing caffeine.

Gingko-Ginkgo Biloba-Oldest living tree species with no known living plant relative. Increases circulation to the brainimproving concentration and lowering memory deficits. Lmtd edition Fall Gold Ginkgo while supplies last.

California Poppy-Eschscholzia Californica-* Native to U.S. & Mexico,counteracts depression, long-term mental & physical tiredness and treatment of behavioral disorders such asADD & ADHD.

Spearmint-Mentha Spicata-* Is an effective reliever of ailments such as minor headaches, nervous strain, fatigue and stress. Romans revered it for its ability to 'stir up the mind'.

Mullein-Verbascum Thapsus- An age old herbal remedy for respiratory problems, and long recognized as beneficial preventative treatment for asthmaand related conditions. 

*Not for use by pregnant or lactating women.

Contains no hazardous chemicals or pharmaceutical additives. Please consult your physician and do your own personal research if you have a medical concern. Intended for recreational use by responsible individuals.

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