Cactus Ribbon Pull iPad /Macbook Felt Sleeve

$28 USD


Inspired by long-forgotten ribbon book bags, these sleeves protect your precious belongings while making them readily accessible at a moments notice..

The sleeve itself is made from a sandwich of two layers of wool felt, it is carefully designed to protect your iPad or any other laptops inside it, while keeping it fashionable and elegant. This high quality felt is a sustainable and renewable material and offers strength while remaining soft to the touch.

Ribbon pull tab could work for many different situations, we knew we could design a range of solutions for the modern-day, urban scholar. Simply insert your device and the ribbon pull tab gracefully retracts into the sleeve. When you're ready, simply pull on the ribbon pull tab for a smooth, quick presentation of your device.

Cactus design.

Available for iPad Mini, iPad 1-4, Macbook Air 11 inch and Macbook / Pro/ Air 13 inch.

Please allow 1-5 days for US delivery/ 5-20 days for international delivery.

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