Cacoon Bonsai Kids Hanging Chair

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The Cacoon Bonzai is THE new chillout space for kids.  The Cacoon can serve as a swing, a hammock, a tent or a chair.

Cacoons are made from a blend of cotton and polyester fabric which provides it's organic look and feel but makes it also extremely durable.  All materials used Cacoon are designed and manufactured to obtain a high quality piece of outdoor equipment.

Cacoons are treated against mold, resistant to UV radiation and water repellent.

Cacoon Bonsai: Ø x 1.2m (h) 1.5m

Required space
Ideal - 2.7 m (height) and Ø2m (floor area)
Minimum - 2.45 m (height) and Ø1.5m (floor area)


  • 1 Cacoon
  • 4m rope + steel carabiner (used to attach the Cacoon at the top)
  • 1 set of eight aluminum ring pieces
  • 1 bag 


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