Fujiyama Beer Glass

$95 USD


The very symbol of Japan and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you don't get a more famous mountain for the Japanese than Mt. Fuji. Designed by Keita Suzuki, the Fujiyama Glass takes the iconic symmetrical shape of Fuji and turns it into an incredible drinking glass. For the best results, pour in some amber ale, making sure to include a frothy head. The Fujiyama Glass then truly lives up to its name.

We've seen a lot of Fuji-themed merchandise over the years, even more so since the mountain got its UNESCO status. But this is something else. Created for the family-owned glass-makers Sugahara, the glass shape alone is a feat of artisanship, the molten glass being blown and spun at the same time, all while being placed into the mold. It also comes in an exquisite wooden gift box. If you want a cheap "Mt. Fuji glass," please go somewhere else. This is for seriously discerning glass tastes.

The Fujiyama Glass features:

・Designed or Keita Suzuki for Sugahara Glassworks
・Winner of a Tokyo Midtown Award
・Materials: soda glass
・Fragile: Please open with care
・Size: 90 x 56 x 80mm (3.5 x 2.2 x 3.1")
・Weight: 140g (4.9 oz)
・Made in Japan

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