Complete Gourmet Finishing Salt & Artisan Seasoning Collection by Gustus Vitae

$155 USD


The Ultimate Gourmet Salt and Artisan Spice Blend Collection

This is it: our Project Non-GMO Verified 20 piece gourmet collection that includes all of Gustus Vitae's artisan seasonings and gourmet salts (Taste of California, Taste of Bordeaux, Taste of Provence, Taste of India, Taste of Thailand, Taste of Tuscany, Taste of Jamaica, Taste of Cyprus, Taste of the Southwest, Taste of Cajun, Taste of Morocoo, Taste of Egypt, Taste of Shanghai, Taste of Greece, Garlic Pepper Rub, Truffle Sea Salt, Red Cayenne Salt, Ancho Chile Salt, Hungarian Paprika Salt, Natural Smoked Sea Salt)... and a deluxe, custom California-made rectangular stainless steel plate for handsome gift-giving and easy mounting on any kitchen surface.

Their custom magnetic tins offer myriad display options, and the unique rectangular stainless steel plate and included metal/wood screws mean that any part of the kitchen can be transformed into a complete gourmet salt and spice pantry.

Each and every gourmet seasoning and artisan sea salt is exceptional in its own way: the sweet and zesty notes of our hugely popular Taste of California adds delicious complexity to everything from meats to salad dressings; our fresh, savory Taste of Provence brings the flavors of the French countryside to your kitchen; the light, warm notes of the Taste of Bordeaux lend refinement and depth to dishes ranging from roast potatoes to poached eggs; Taste of India's complex earthy, sweet, and peppery flavors provide wonderful lift for veggies and chicken, and when mixed with yogurt is a fabulous dipping sauce or marinade; just a sprinkling of our racy Taste of Thailand prior to cooking or grilling lends authentic Thai flavors to any meal; our fragrant Taste of Tuscany's fresh, varied texture and bright aroma make it the perfect final accent to pastas, pestos, bruchetta and crostini; the deep, intense ruby color of the red wine sea salt makes dishes pop with color; the impossibly rich flavor of our Italian black truffle sea salt adds layers of decadence to anything it is sprinkled on.

Their Red Cayenne salt adds firey flavor and intense color to mealtime (as well as acting as a superb margarita rimmer); our always popular Natural Smoked Salt adds toasty color and deep, straight-from-the-grill flavor to your favorite foods and snacks; Taste of Cajun's bright, soulful taste gives veggies a burst of flavor, and was built for traditional Cajun blackening of seafood, poultry, and shellfish; our lively Garlic Pepper Rub adds full-bodied flavor to whatever is on the menu, and is perfect for adding a piquant taste to baked poultry or grilled veggies; Taste of Cyprus' energetic, peppery and warm flavor is the perfect compliment to lamb and grain dishes like couscous, lentils, and rice; Taste of the Southwest adds life to fajitas and tacos, and brings warm Tex-Mex flavors to oven roasted vegetables or grilled poultry; Taste of Jamaica's spicy, complex flavor brings the flavor of the Caribbean to your table, and adds succulent heat to appetizers, finger foods, or slow-cooked meats.

Magnetized backing: tins sticks to your fridge or other metal surface.

Hand-packed in Los Angeles. Free from artifical colors or flavors.

Packed in American-made tin, label from recycled paper.

Made in USA from local and imported ingredients.

Not irradiated or treated with EtO gas.

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