Leather Strapped Canteen and Lunch Box Set

$299 USD


Begin the day with juicing, then run, stretch, fresh shave, shower, suit, plugs in, plenty of time to bike to work. And since you prefer finer things, there are no sacrifices here really. Just luxuries. Among them, the Dick van Hoff leather strapped canteen and lunch box set for Thomas Eyck packs your lunch in reusable containers without frumpy plastics.

The beautiful package blushes in exquisite leather with hard shell storage that protects contents. Proudly produced in a collaborative effort with De Buffel leatherwork and Kuperus & Gardenier carpentry from the Netherlands, this handsome set represents a strong collection of pieces including a chair, a daybed, a firewood bag and a briefcase, and a bag.

It's the way you live, proactive toward your health, a consciousness for the planet. That's why the routine works so well and why you feel so good.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery

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