Tonelli Bacco Glass Table

$1,260 USD


A new concept in glass design, Tonelli has a deep and lasting passion for research and experimentation, forging a philosophy that marries tradition and technology.

At its heart is an ambition to explore the characteristics of one of the oldest, most fascinating materials in the history of mankind - glass. Fragile yet resistant, solid yet light, beautiful and functional, Tonelli designs embody the essence of crystal glass and precision working that continually stimulates the imagination and invites the senses.

The Bacco is a rectangular table with a 12mm thick toughened glass top and 2 symmetrical glass supports, in standard transparent glass or extra clear glass.

Available in clear or extraclear glass.

Available Sizes:

180 x 95 x h 73 cm, Weight: 96 kg.

200 x 100 x h 73 cm, Weight: 110 kg.

225 x 90 x h 73 cm, Weight: 110 kg.

245 x 90 x h 73 cm, Weight: 116 kg.

245 x 120 x h 73 cm, Weight: 140 kg.

Made to order. Please allow 12-16 weeks for shipping.

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