'Till Steel Mesh Watch

$135 USD


The ‘Till STEEL Mesh Band is the latest new “cool” watch from Projectswatches. It’s a watch that “speaks” to you visually.

Telling time is about more than numbers–it’s about the relationship between now and then. Till explores this relationship–so it’s not just 10:50, it’s “Ten Till Ten.” It’s not merely 12:30, it’s “Half past Twelve.”

Yet the words we use to tell time have never been reflected on a watch. In our digital age, this useful language is starting to disappear.

Digital watches change the way we view time–presenting it as linear rather than cyclical–distancing us from the very nature of time, which, like the earth’s trip around the sun, is repeated every day.

So don’t just read the time, tell it.

With ‘Till STEEL Mesh Band Watch: the watch that tells you the time the way you’d tell it. The ‘Till STEEL Mesh Band Watch speaks to you using words and not a sound can be heard! Exactly! (yes, maybe a little play on words)

‘Till STEEL mesh band Watch is available with a brushed stainless steel case

It measures 40mm (1.57″) in diameter and has a 20mm wide mesh band The watch measures 10″″ from end to end with 7″ to the closest hole and 8 3/4″ inches from the farthest hole for the leather version and has an adjustable clasp with safety lock mechanism for the mesh band version.

This watch can also be ordered with a black silicone band or a black mesh stainless steel band. Or, hey, why not both?

Please allow up to 7 days for delivery.

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