Egree Cat Pajama Suit

$75 USD


Make sure your feline friend's body and other sensitive parts stay clean and protected after an operation with this Egree Cat Pajamas, a comfortable suit that your pet will be very grateful for while they tend their wounds. It will keep any "snipped" areas free from dirt and also prevent them from tugging or scratching bandages.

Slip it on and use the fastener to wrap up your cat nice and snug. It leaves ample room for your pet still to move around with ease. It comes in four colors (blue, beige, pink or yellow) and three different sizes, depending on your cat's body shape.

Made from 100% cotton, we are sure you also agree that this is not just practical but looks super cute too.

The Egree Cat Pajama Suit features:

・Zip fastener type
・Colors: Blue, beige, pink, yellow
・Size: S, M, L (based on fattest part of the cat)
・Small size: stomach circumference 35-45cm (13.8-17.7")
・Medium size: stomach circumference 40-50cm (15.7-19.7")
・Large size: stomach circumference 45-55cm (17.7-21.7")
・100% cotton
・Wash on a cool wash
・Made in Japan
・Disclaimer: For hygiene purposes, please note that this product is unfortunately NOT returnable once the packaging has been opened. Be sure to consider whether it is suitable for your pet.

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