Salt & Pepper Tumblings

$45 USD



A beautiful and hygienic alternative to open salt and pepper pots. Also available for coarse salt and pepper grains. The two versions may be combined and filled with all kinds of spices. They can be positioned at every guest's place mat, or in the middle of the table.

Thanks to the extra ballast in the bottom, the salt and pepper tumblers cannot tip over. Instead, they rock cheerfully back and forth. The tumblers may also be used to sprinkle exciting "drinking spices", such as cinnamon on teas or cardamom on cappuccino.

    • Diameter: 1.8"


    • Stainless Steel, Rubber, Plastic

About designer Henriette Melchiorsen: Henriette Melchiorsen graduated from the Danish Design school in 1994 with specialty in product and furniture design.In her workshop Henriette works with innovative new products, developing ideas for international companies and creating items shown at exhibitions in and outside Denmark.The salt and pepper scoop is her first design for Menu.

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