ROK Espresso Maker

$240 USD


Bright as a holiday nutcracker, this espresso maker makes everyday more special.

The copper and chrome design brings home a touch of coffee shop flair, elevating the look and feel of your morning brew.

Plus, this metallic design matches both your copper and stainless steel pots and pans, so your whole kitchen will be gleaming and stylish.

Designed by the London-based company ROK Kitchen Tools, the personal cafe essential is manual and portable.

With this tool, you can make your own espresso while traveling or outdoors.

Sustainable and budget-friendly, the ROKMAKERCOP saves electricity, waste, and money when compared with traditional espresso machines and Nespresso.

Suitable with any coffee brand, the ROKMAKERCOP lets you play with the local or subscription coffees you have always wanted to try. Plus, the tool can be used to make all of your favorite espresso drinks, from ristretti to lattes. All you have to do is read the recipe, buy a good espresso grind, and practice. Learning the feel of the ROKMAKERCOP is easier than it looks; many users even achieve a thick crema on their first attempt.

A knight in shining armor, the ROKMAKERCOP makes a great addition to your home coffee bar and a smart gift for college students and espresso-lovers of all stripes.

The ROKMAKERCOP comes with a portafilter, a stainless steel milk frother, a splitter for crafting two single shots, a tamp and spoon, an attractive stainless steel travel tin with foam fittings, and a 10-year guarantee.

Its base is fitted with rubber legs to prevent slipping and scratching.

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