Marie-Louise Table Lamp

$915 USD


Marie - Louise table lamp is a unique lamp with sophisticated design by Sander Mulder.

The traditional silhouette of the classic table lamp has been translated into this highly contemporary design which uses 16 glass-like transparent acrylic contours illuminated by a central dimmable fluorescent bulb, emitting a softly glowing magical light through the light's entire body.

Marie - Louise table lamp is available in plain or engraved with decorative patterns in its hood sections. 

Made of acrylic & polycarbonate.

Height: 60 cm, Diameter: 38 cm./ Weight: 4kg.

Bulb type: 14 Watt T5. 

- Plain or Engraved,

- Blue, yellow or red filter.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping. 

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