Wave Commuter Mug

$65 USD


If you like a good cup of coffee in the morning yet have to lump in a car and can’t enjoy it all in one go, then this cup is made for you.

Granted, it is a lot more expensive than your usual plastic commuter mug, but have a look at the details and you’ll quickly realize that it’s all worth it!

The gorgeous mug is made out of double walled porcelain, soft to the touch on the outside, and polished on the inside – this way your favourite beverage stays warm longer. It comes with its own drip filter holder that fits perfectly on top of it, allowing you to make the freshest cup possible. And it has the most advanced sliding lid that we have come across, and we’ve used it for a while now with the equally amazing Lotus Tea cup.

The porcelain doesn’t stain the flavour of your coffee or tea as plastic and aluminium do, it’s simply an altogether different taste sensation and the look of the set is simply gorgeous, the soft flowing lines… We’re all smitten!

Lastly some technical information: it holds 10 fluid ounces (310 ml) has a diameter of 3.5" (9,4 cm) and is 6.7" (17 cm) high.

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