Book Hook

$45 USD


The Book Hook is a reinvention of the classic reading mark. Its minimalistic and also functional triangular shape follows the shape of an opened book. The wooden reading mark is an exclusive of the Connox Collection designed by Tell Ritterbach and it is available made of three different woods.

The Book Hook is a book tray of a different kind – because Book Hook is an innovative bookmark, a practical tray and a shapely design object in one. Reading enthusiasts will love the Book Hook. Bookmarks falling out of books are part of the past, since the page you stopped reading remains exactly opened lying on the triangular hook.

Moreover your reading glasses and pens can remain in the hole directly inside of the Book Hook. The small helper for the bedside table, the living room or the working place. Four rubber stoppers at the base safe the surface of the table from scratches and avoid the slipping of Book Hook on slippery surfaces.

Material: massive birch 
Dimensions: 12,5x17x10 cm HxDxW or 5x7x4"
( Unfortunately the book is not included... ;-)

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