Green Marker Grass Sticky Page Markers

$24 USD


Appealing to the nature-loving bookworm, these award-winning designer page markers have drawn praise from bloggers around the globe. Created by Yuruliku and a receiver of a Good Design Award in 2010, the Green Marker is a set of grass blade-style sticky notes that can double up as bookmarks to tell you in a horticultural fashion which page you are up to in your latest read. Just slip them between the pages and stick them to mark the spot you want to return to later. On your shelf it will look like grass is sprouting from your library! This pack of Green Markers has 75 sticky notes/page-markers in three different shapes and sizes. With so many at your disposal, if ever the "grass" seems to be growing too big for your shelf you can just simply trim the blades with scissors!

The Green Marker features:

・Packs of Green Marker sticky notes/page-markers (75 grass bookmarks)
・Bookmarks come in three different shapes and sizes
・Material: paper
・Size: 10 x 90-110mm (0.4 x 3.5-4.3")

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