Reclaimed Wood Tub Caddy


This caddy will cause skin pruning. Holding candles, a book, or a steaming cup of tea, the caddy will turn your bathing experience into a dream. You will be able to spend hours reading a book, writing a letter or sipping wine and listening to music without having to leave the steaming water. Once your bath is done it can be used to hold towels or other bathroom necessities.

Each caddy will vary in grain and indications of the wood’s prior use. We recommend that you wipe the caddy down after every use.

VIDEO: Tub Caddy

- Reclaimed wood
- Finished with tung oil
- Available in natural or ebonized finish
- Available in standard or custom sizes*
- Minimally packaged with tag and jute


Inches: 29″ long by 11″ wide Metric: 73.6 cm long by 27.9 cm wide Fits most standard tubs with an opening of 22″ to 26″ (55.9 cm to 66 cm)

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