Lazerwood Keys for Apple MacBook Pro


Bring the tactile beauty of wood to your keyboard with Lazerwood Keys! Created to perfectly compliment the sleek style of Apple's MacBook Pro keyboards. Compatible with all MacBook Pro unibody (post 2008 models).


Please Note: Backlit keys will not be visible through the wood. Not recommended for use with MacBook Air.


Available in walnut or cherry wood to compliment the sleek style of Apple’s MacBook Pro.

This mod takes some nimble fingers and patience but the results are stunning. The thin adhesive-backed wood pieces adhere to the keys firmly and the characters and symbols are laser cut with beautiful precision. 


Please Note: Care should be taken to get the keys properly positioned before pressing the wood pieces in place. Removal is possible without damage to the keyboard. 


Difficulty Level: Advanced
Assembly Time 30-40 min


Available for: US & UK English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Swiss, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Turkish, Russian, and Japanese keyboards.


Please allow 1 week for shipping in the U.S./ 2 weeks for international shipping. 

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