Otete & Anyo Baby Hand & Foot Stamp

$191 USD


In Japanese "otete" and "anyo" are cute names for the "hand" and "foot" of a baby. Now you can preserve your infant's handprint and footprint forever with this unique Otete & Anyo stamp gift set.

With your baby make a ink print of their foot or hand, scan it and send the file to us. The makers of the Otete & Anyo will then create a customized life-sized stamp that you can keep forever. This superb commemorative product comes in a very elegant paulownia wooden case decorated with your child's handprint or footprint, and also even includes the name and birth date on the stamp, as well as a special birth record card.

The Otete & Anyo features:

・Customized baby hand/footprint stamp gift set
・Paulownia wood case with unique hand/footprint decoration
・Version: Choose from right or left hand or foot in menu below
・Set features one stamp of either hand or foot
・Stamp features engraving of child's name and birth date
・Also contains a birth record card
・Materials: acrylic, rubber (stamp)
・Color: black (stamp)

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