Six In The Mix Alarm Clock (Black)

$69 USD

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This quirky and unique looking alarm clock features a polygonal design, with 4 integrated displays that connect in a very ‘bee-like’ manner.

Each display shows different information. Two show the current day and date, another shows the current time, while the final one shows the temperature.


All the useful information you need to kick start your day. The clock features an all-black finish, making it perfect for all room types.

Design Gijs v.d. Beucken.


  • Indication of time 12/24 - date - temperature C / F - 3 alarms.
  • Brightness adjustment at three levels.
  • Power saving mode: Optional setting in which clock remains idle (no indications) and turns on either detecting some sound (e.g. by clapping) or just by touching.
  • Possibility for wall mounting.
  • Battery: 3 x AAA batteries or by power via usb cable (included).
  • Material: ABS plastic, rubberized coating.
  • Dimensions: Length: 17.5 cm.  Width: 4.5 cm. Height: 12 cm.
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