Handmade Burgundy Crystal Glass Goblet Set

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Description: Made of high-quality crystal glass material, hand-blown, laser cold cutting process, the thickness of the cup mouth is only 0.8 mm. Increase the body of the cup and expand the contact between the wine and the air. Manually molded, no interface. The foot of the cup is placed smoothly

Color: Burgundy cup 600 ml( 2 sticks) Burgundy cup 600 ml(4 sticks ) Burgundy cup 600 ml (4 sticks )+ cup holder

Material: Goblet: Crystal Glass Wine Glass Holder: Stainless Steel + Bakelite

Craft: Goblet: Hand blown Wine glass holder: machine grinding + hand polishing

Size: Goblet: Height 23 cm* Cup bottom diameter 8 cm* Cup mouth diameter 6.5 cm Wine glass holder: 23 cm*21 cm*29 cm*1.5 cm

Capacity: Goblet: 600 ml

Weight after packaging: 2 packs of Burgundy cup 600 ml: approx. 1300 g 4 sticks Burgundy cup 600 ml: approx. 2200 g
4 sticks Burgundy cup 600 ml + cup holder: about 3300 g

Style: simple

Element: solid color

Number: 1

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