Oblique multicolored crystal glass goblet

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Description: the crystal glass that glittering and translucent get rid of shows tie-in slender cup pole, inclined mouth design shows choose more. Fascinating colors, rustic, transparent, calm and elegant grey and amber. Also have same style champagne cup to offer choice, use tasting or be put on the table very show quality life.

Color: Amber 180 ml Amber 500 ml Gray 180 ml Gray 500 ml Transparent 180 ml Transparent color 500 ml

Multicolored 180 ml Multicolored 500 ml

Material: crystal glass

Process: blowing

Size: 180 ml Goblet: 27 cm*6.5 cm*4.2 cm 500 ml Goblet: 24 cm*8.5 cm*7 cm

Net weight: 180 ml Goblet: about 120 g 500 ml Goblet: about 150 g

Weight after packaging: 180 ml Goblet: about 560 g 500 ml Goblet: about 590 g

Type: Goblet

Style: simple

Element: solid color

Number: 1

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