Crystal Wine Bordeaux Glass

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Description: Made of high-quality crystal glass material, using the drawing process, the lines at the intersection of the cup and the cup are elegant. The thinner the wine glass, the higher the cost of production, and the lighter feel determines the important factor in the wine tasting experience. The thinness of 0.9 mm is light and tough. The echo of 9 seconds is not only crisp, but also a kind of pleasing bell, which is unique to this thin handmade crystal cup.


Color: Bordeaux glass      Burgundy glass      Goblet


Material: crystal 


Craft: handmade


Size: Bordeaux glass: 24.9 cm*8.1 cm*5.6 cm       Burgundy glass: 23.6 cm*8.1 cm*6.1 cm
         Goblet: 23 cm*7.6 cm*5 cm


Capacity: Bordeaux glass: about 600 ml      Burgundy glass: about 650 ml      goblet: about 400 ml


Weight after packaging: Bordeaux glass: about 610 g      Burgundy glass: about 600 g      Goblet: about 595 g


Type: Wine Glass


Style: simple


Element: solid color


Number: 1

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