Tap Strap 2 Wearable Keyboard Mouse & Gesture Controller

$199 USD


The Tap Strap 2 is a single handed all-in-one wearable keyboard, mouse & air gesture controller. Made out of Skin-safe TPU, Tap lets you control your devices for 10 hours on a full charge (7 days of standby) and allows you to:

  • Input Into Smartphones, Tablets, SmartTVs, Laptops, Computers, Projectors, Augmented & Virtual Realities Environments

  • Customize any finger combination to input letters, numbers, symboles, macros & hotkeys in any language, app or operating system

  • Works with all major operating systems, apps and devices

  • Bluetooth 4.0, 10 Hour Battery life, 7 day standby. Charging Carrying Case, USB cord & Supported Apps Included

Tap Strap 2 is not a traditional QWERTY keyboard or wired mouse. It works by registering what fingers you are tapping and sends the associated letters, numbers, commands or macros to a paired bluetooth device. Each Tap is ambidextrous and has over 150 unique inputs that can be entered with just one hand.

Tap Strap 2 also has a built in 1,000 DPI optical laser mouse contained in the thumb unit for effortless mousing on the go. You can glide your hand across a surface to move the cursor and click, scroll, and drag using finger Taps.

Tap Strap 2’s newest feature, AirMouse, also allows you to mouse and control device screens using hand gestures. The AirMouse has 3 modes: Mousing, media control, and music control - all using shortcuts that are activated with intuitive hand gestures. Point your finger to move the mouse and flick your wrist to open your favorite apps - using Tap 2 will make you feel like you’re in a Science Fiction movie!

Whats in the box:

  • Tap Strap 2

  • Charging Case

  • Micro USB charging cord

  • Glossary

  • User Manual

  • Free access to all Tap Apps

The Tap Strap 2 has a few new features and upgrades from the Tap Strap 1:

AirGestures for swipes and media/TV controls 

Upgraded mouse (500 DPI -> 1000 DPI)

Increased battery life (8 hours -> 10 hours)

Design changes to the thumb rest for easier mousing

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