Light Sings of Wear Poetry Book

$20 USD


Original collection of poetry by Amy Madden Taylor

Softcover book

Published 2019 by No Shirt Press, US and Belpid Books, Sweden.

A long-time fixture on the New York music scene, Amy Madden is an accomplished bassist and a member of the Blues Hall of Fame. Her songwriting has been acclaimed for its cinematic story-telling and unusual lyrics.  

Light Sings of Wear, the author’s third poetry collection in 4 years, introduces a denser, more mature voice while still maintaining that characteristic intimacy with the audience. Her inherent musi- cality, the deft interchange of pronouns and palpable city aura are hypnotic. As both the reader and the ‘read’ onefinds these poems not just penetrating but addicting; prepare to find yourself steeped in a literary landscape that feels 'deeply familiar'. 

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