Torpedo Ballpoint Pen

$880 USD


Writing instruments as weapons of creativity. Inspired by the world’s first self-propelled torpedo, Torpedo GB’s collection combines imaginative design with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. The handmade Torpedo GB Ballpoint Pen features the silhouette of a torpedo, complete with a propeller. Apart from the hull, every component is skillfully made and assembled by hand. The ballpoint pen is also comfortable to hold thanks to the curved shape, ensuring that it will become your favorite writing instrument. At the end of the propeller, a Swarovski stone in white, ruby red, or sapphire blue adds a touch of glamorous style to the design. Every Torpedo GB ballpoint pen comes in a solid walnut box with a cut-out section that acts as a pen table holder. A hand-sewn white leather pouch and a USB stick with a short documentary about the Rijeka torpedo are also included in the package.

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