Japanese Peppermint Refreshing Deodorizer Spray - Odor eliminator for clothes

$43 USD


This handy Japanese Peppermint Refreshing Deodorizer Spray is perfect for the summer or hotter times of the year when, let's face it, things can get a little smelly. Kitami Hakka specializes in peppermint products, so you can be assured that all their products are of the highest quality. Spray this onto your clothes or onto your sheets to eliminate bad odors with the natural fragrance of menthol, tea extract, peppermint oil, and more. This deodorizing spray removes over 95% of bad smells, including body odor and sweat.


The Japanese Peppermint Refreshing Deodorizer Spray features:

  • Japanese peppermint (hakka) deodorizer
  • 500 ml (16.9 fl oz)
  • For clothes, socks, sheets, etc.
  • Contains: ethanol, L-menthol, tea extract, Japanese peppermint oil, etc.
  • Do not apply on to skin
  • Spray from a distance of 10 cm (3.9") for 1-2 sprays per spot
  • Instructions: Japanese
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